FFL Transfers

        Firearms that are purchased from outside the State of Utah, i.e. online or private seller, will need to be transferred to an in-state Federal Firearms License Dealer (FFL) to process the paperwork and perform the background checks in your respective state. To facilitate this process, the sending party will require a copy of our FFL dealer license. For the service of accepting and processing the paperwork, we charge a $20.00 fee. If you have a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit, the background check is waived. If you do not possess the permit, an additional $10.00 fee is charged to conduct the instant background check. Once the firearm is received and the paperwork completed, it takes roughly about 20 to 30 min to process and you are on your way. Please contact us by email, phone, or text with the email address for the sender of the firearm and we will send them our license.

        Private Party Transfers/Private Party Transactions are not regulated by the government and can take place from one party to another where both parties are residents of the same state. You cannot sell firearms across state lines. With that said, we recommend going through an FFL for this process as this ensures the receiving party is not a restricted person. Selling to a restricted person is a Federal Felony. Even with a permit in hand, you do not know if it is still valid. We can check. Additionally, this also documents when, where, and how the transfer took place ensuring that if the firearm was used in an unlawful act in the past or future, you have a paper trail establishing when the transfer took place for legal purposes. Yes, the cost is the same $20.00 fee is associated with the transfer, but in the big picture, it is inexpensive insurance for the just-in-case scenario

Image by Thomas Def